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Duke's eyes

I pay particular attention to this detail. Once established, the dog's personality begins to unfold.

Close-up of eyes

The dog now watches as his portrait progresses!

Ask 100 artists their process, and you will get 100 different answers.  There is no “correct” way to proceed on a painting, but what I chose to paint first is the eyes.  A dog’s soul is revealed in their eyes, and I try to capture this first.  This is a crucial step in establishing the likeness of the dog.  All dog owners are well acquainted with their dog’s gaze.  All details must be precise; take Duke, for instance.  He had a dark spot in his right eye.  Had I not included it, it wouldn’t have been Duke. I know it sounds a little “dog lady” crazy, but once their eyes are completed, I am not longer alone in the process as they can then “watch over” me as I complete the remainder of their portrait. 

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