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Deciding when you are finished is never easy for an artist, but at some point you have to quit or run the risk of having it look over-worked.

A note of clarification: Different styles of painting can range from abstract (unidentifiable elements) to photorealism (finished product looks like a photo).  My painting style falls between these two.  I edit and interpret the source and convey this with my paints on the canvas.  My teacher and mentor, Liana Bennett, has a saying: “The viewer is not stupid.  You do not need to tell them everything”.  By not painting every hair by hair, I try and leave room for the viewer's interpretation. 

After completing the block-in, the entire painting is re-addressed with an eye for finer detail and correcting any flaws.  The smaller brushes come out to play at this point.  The painting progresses until I deem that it is the best it can be.  I then sign it and once the paints have dried to the touch, a protective finish is applied.

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