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Commissioning a portrait of you pet may seem daunting.  There can be many “what-ifs” and apprehension about the cost.  I’ll try to address the most common questions here:

Cost:  A “dog face” portrait painted by me is currently $400.00 (which includes ground shipping in the continental US).  This is for a hand painted oil or acrylic painting of your dog with a simple background.  Any additions (listed below) will each be $50.00 per painting.  Additions for consideration are: 1) full body painting, 2) detailed background, 3) additional dog subjects ($150.00 per each dog added) & 4) sizes larger than 80” circumference (20” square, 16” X 20”, etc.).  I am more than happy to discuss pricing with you.

Size:  Without fail, the “model” (dog) and his photo suggest the best size and layout for their portrait.  Some are best on a square canvas and some lend themselves to a rectangular layout.  I prefer to work on larger paintings, but can also complete smaller paintings.  There is much to be said of a portrait that is “larger than life”.  Some of my standard sizes are: 16” X 16”; 20” X 20”; & 16” X 20”, but each painting is individual and sizing will need to be considered when discussing layout.

Lead time:  As the paintings are really hand done and only worked on by me, this will vary depending upon my work load when the painting is commissioned.  I will try to accommodate requests when possible, but please try and to allow 3-4 weeks.

Design:  I will be happy to work with you in composing a painting that will make you happy.  Photographs are used as the basis of the painting in order to maintain accuracy of unique features and characteristics. However, many elements will be enhanced or minimized in the painting process to provided the most esthetically pleasing portrait.  As an artist, there will be considerations that I will bring to the table, but I will get your approval on the composition prior to actually beginning the painting.

Ordering:  Contact me at , or phone me at (253) 409-5108 to discuss your dog’s portrait.  I will ask that you furnish me with photos of your pet and ask a few questions about the dog’s personality.  I like to be familiar with the dog I’m painting!  Once I look over the photos, I will discuss my thoughts for the painting that will show the dog to the best advantage!    A deposit of $100.00 will be required at this point.  I will then proceed to the best of my ability to paint an accurate, artistic portrayal of your pet.

Payments:  Payment may be made by check or Paypal.  As a deposit of $100.00 is due upon ordering, the balance will be due upon delivery of the completed portrait.

Shipping:  Shipping charges are included in the price, but if painting is being shipped outside of the continental US, charges will be incurred. Shipping is from Renton, Washington.

Framing:  Price quoted is for unframed art, but as I have a source for reasonably priced  frames, I will be happy to assist in ordering the framing.  Gallery wrapped canvases (2” thick) are typically not framed.

 Guarantee:  All portraits carry a 100% money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your portrait, I will refund your entire purchase price.  I want you to be happy!

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