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As dogs are a human’s best friend, immortalizing your pet in a custom painting makes perfect sense.  With my brush, I can work to capture your dog’s individuality; be it that gaze of rapture when they are adoring you; the playfulness when they’ve been a little naughty; or the serenity when they are reigning over their castle.  I will work with you to find the perfect composition that captures your pet’s spirit.  Whether a living tribute, or a remembrance of loyal friend that has passed, your dog’s portrait will warm your home.  A truly caring and welcome gift is a commissioned portrait for a friend or loved one who has lost their beloved companion.

Being able to share my skills, talents and passion with other dog owners is a privilege.  I have been a painter for nearly 40 years, and have been able to meld two of my favorite things: painting and dogs. We personally own three rescue dogs  and they enrich our lives everyday with their presence and quirks.  They exemplify love, loyalty, and fun. (The fact that we’re forever covered in dog hair goes with the territory!)  I’d be more than happy to “meet” your dog.

My love of painting does spill over to other subjects - check out my "Fun Gallery" for a sampling of other paintings I have completed.   Please enjoy the paintings I share here on this site,

                      Cathy Crawford, artist 

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